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the art-banking-club is a member club internationaly connecting people interested in  art. and since it has been founded in the year of 2006 the club has become a  golbally well know name in the art scene. members of the club do benefit from a  privileged access to exclusive events, publications and productions of the art  market in general but also specificially for the artists connected with the club.  the club regulary organizes events in changing locations in the Zurch area. the  events are preferably organized with swiss artists who have already achieved  national and international relevance in the art market and do have a high reputation  in the art scene.  beside of the club-events there are several accompanying art events. therefore the  members and a selected community of people become a very preferred access to  art in a very exclusive and unique enviroment. thus the art club actively establishes  a “club life” on a very attractive base. additionally the art-banking-club has accepted the responsability to support and  develop talented artists which have not achieved a high reputation in the market so  far. the club will also offer them a platform where they have the opportunity to  become better know in the art market. 
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